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'Decreased rates of shoulder dystocia and brachial plexus injury via an evidence-based practice bundle'


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'Shoulder dystocia is one of the worst neonatal outcomes. It is usually an unforeseen emergency that can result in neonatal morbidity. There are many manoeuvres to manage shoulder dystocia, but the best approach is to reduce its incidence. Sienas and colleagues have assessed the utility of implementing a practice bundle on reducing the incidence and impact of shoulder dystocia. This practice bundle was tested in 29 hospitals in the United States. The intervention resulted in an 18% decrease in the incidence of shoulder dystocia. Operative vaginal delivery and brachial plexus injury in cases of shoulder dystocia also reduced by 18% and 29%, respectively. This article highlights the importance of training with drills to reduce obstetric morbidity.'